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Meet the Dodec D1

The first professional RTI dome for everyone



High quality light is an important feature of an RTI dome because it allows for accurate color reproduction and high-resolution imaging of a wide range of materials and surfaces. With high lumen and CRI (color rendering index) ratings, LEDs in the visible light spectrum are essential for studying the surface details and features of an object, providing valuable information for a wide range of applications.




Designing for portability is essential for an RTI dome. It is critical to easily transport and setup the dome in a variety of locations and environments. This can be the difference between being able to capture an RTI dataset and not. Using portable battery technology and USB-C interfaces the D1 is set apart from any other dome. With the portability of the dome it's possible to capture high-quality datasets without being tethered to expensive power supplies and proprietary connectors. 




Compatibility with a wide range of camera interfaces is essential to an RTI dome because it allows users to choose the camera that best suits their needs and preferences. This provides the users with more flexibility and the ability to use the camera they are most comfortable with, making it easier to capture high-quality images and increasing the overall efficiency of the imaging process.

The Dodec D1 is a versatile imaging solution compatible with a wide range of DSLR cameras, with added Bluetooth integration with smartphones and a scriptable serial USB interface to attach to a PC or Mac (both coming in an early firmware update). This allows for easy capture of high-resolution images and remote control of the dome, making it an ideal solution for a wide range of applications and research purposes.


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